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CTL Amedica was founded in 2014 by gathering an accomplished team of industry leaders, and a passionate family of employees. That culmination of talent, in combination with differentiated materials, in-house manufacturing and unparalleled engineering expertise continues to propel our innovation. Our surgical systems are named after prominent artists of years past, who in their times were idealists, mathematicians, engineers, inventors and designers. Much like the artists we admire and the surgeons we serve, CTL Amedica works diligently to combine science, mathematics and the arts in order to create the masterpieces and multifaceted surgical solutions found in each of our spinal fixation systems. We invite you to discover more about the CTL Amedica journey.

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CTL Amedica continues to bring together accomplished PEOPLE, creating effective teams dedicated to improving surgeon experience and enhancing patient care.


Our teams are emPOWERed to innovate and achieve remarkable goals.


Therein fostering a PASSION for excellence that is shared company-wide.

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Our products are named after prominent artists dating from the renaissance to the cubism era.  Artists of that time were idealists, mathematicians, engineers, inventors and designers.  From idea, concept, prototype and mass production, product development requires strong collaboration.  We believe there is a strong correlation between artists producing their masterpieces and our product development working with surgeons.  This correlation, a blended elixir of creativity, mathematics and technology, gives birth to CTL Amedica's masterpieces.

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To learn more about CTL Amedica and our portfolio of spine products follow us on social media, give one of our representatives a call, or shoot us an email!

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