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NITRO is CTL Amedica’s exclusive and revitalized family of interbody implants, crafted entirely of the heavily researched and proven bio-ceramic material, Silicon Nitride.


Enhanced Osteogenic Response

NITRO implants have demonstrated superior protein absorption and increased osseointegration compared to other biomaterials 1,2


Bacteriostatic Properties


Silicon nitride possesses unique bacteriostatic properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria 2


Artifact-Free Imaging

The biomaterial used in NITRO allows for artifact-free imaging, enabling clear visualization of the implant and surrounding tissues

Next generation Nitro implants harness all the innate advantages of silicon nitride,
in combination with innovative enhancements for an even greater osteogenic and bacteriostatic response.


Precisely Sized Axial Pores

The NITRO cage family incorporates precisely sized axial pores that promote capillary action and a pathway for bony through-growth



The expanded surface areas of the NITRO cage family are equipped with macro texturing throughout, increasing bony contact and enhancing innate bacteriostatic properties


Integration Options and Configurations

The NITRO cage family offers a robust variety of standalone integration options, lordotic offerings, and size configurations 

Note: Standalone integration is pending market launch.

¹ Webster TJ, Patel AA, Rahaman MN, Sonny Bal B. Anti-infective and osteointegration properties of silicon nitride, poly(ether ether ketone), and titanium implants [published online ahead of print July 31, 2012]. Acta Biomater.

² Gorth DJ, Puckett S, Ercan B, Webster TJ, Rahaman M, Bal BS. Decreased bacteria activity on Si(3)N(4) surfaces compared with PEEK or titanium. Int J Nanomedicine. 2012;7:4829-4840.

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