The Valeo C+CSC with Lumen cage incorporates a revolutionary design with two forms of silicon nitride, a porous inner core and an outer cortical shell, diffusion bonded to create an integrated implant perfectly suited for cervical spinal fusion procedures.

Material Properties

  • Silicon Nitride Cancellous Structured Ceramic (CSC®™) inner core
  • Revolutionary porous silicon nitride.
  • Precision-engineered with an average porosity of 67-71% and pore size between 350-600 microns to mimic natural cancellous bone.
  • Cancellous scaffold facilitates bony in-growth.*
  • Silicon Nitride Micro-composite Ceramic (MC®2®) outer shell
  • Hydrophilic nature attracts fluids, enhancing protein absorption and cell adhesion.
  • Non-metallic composition eliminates artifacts with MRI or CT imaging during post-op assessment.
  • Textured to increase surface area for bony apposition.
  • Fine-grained, dense microstructure provides mechanical stability and fracture resistance.

Implant Features & Benefits

  • Two footprints, lordotic and parallel angles to restore cervical alignment.
  • 16x12mm and 17x14mm footprints.
  • 0° parallel and 6° lordosis. Heights: 5–12mm, 1mm increments for better fit.
  • Large dovetail feature enables greater insertion control.
  • Material is 100% biocompatible (ISO 10993).
  • 100% of implants are tested before shipping.
  • Sterilized and pre-packaged for convenience in the operating room

Product Type

  • Cervical
  • IFU Information Brochure Silicon Nitride

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