July 17, 2017

Thought Leaders’ Corner | Health Care Innovations News July 2017

Today’s healthcare technologies are worth the money invested as they represent innovative progress on several fronts. Whether we’re talking about AI, 3D printing, medical devices and wearables, they’re examples of an investment in the future application of both medicine and health.

There are multiple ways in which healthcare technologies will benefit both patients and the physicians who care for them. Take medical devices and wearables as an example. We are just starting to scratch the surface of intraoperatively, customized medical devices, but the ability to custom design and immediately print a sterile surgical implant based on a specific patients anatomy is steadily becoming a reality.

And the comprehensive information that current wearables can provide is critical. They can chart, track, accumulate data and send urgent notifications on a whole host of illnesses that already require monitoring. Improving these technologies to benefit a patient’s well-being, while contributing to the efficiencies of a physician, is a win-win proposition.

Likewise, hospital systems and medical groups are seeing the benefit of upgrading their healthcare technologies and continuing to innovate. It’s an extremely competitive field, and these organizations must be able to appeal to patients as the resource with the most innovative healthcare solutions available to the public. Much like those of us in the device field, hospital administrators and CTOs are actively engaged in finding technological solutions that streamline complex practice workflows.

The future of modernized healthcare is dependent on progress, and that’s where we hope to continue participating.

CTL’s CEO Daniel Chon’s comments.. here

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